Website: Ranchos 10th best small-town hideaway for millionaires |

Website: Ranchos 10th best small-town hideaway for millionaires

Their address might be a surprise to at least a few of the 1,445 millionaires purportedly living in the Gardnerville Ranchos. listed Douglas County’s largest community as 10th on its list of small towns with big millionaire populations.

“Gardnerville Ranchos is a favorite hiding place for millionaires because of its proximity to Lake Tahoe, which has long been a getaway for the rich and famous,” according to the write-up which includes a stock photo from Kingsbury Grade. “With everything from ski resorts to beaches, the Lake Tahoe area offers year-round activities for well-heeled tourists and full-time residents alike.”

The website claims there are 20,566 households in the Ranchos, or more than four times the 4,398 households listed by the U.S. Census in 2010.

While there have been some new homes built in the Ranchos in the meantime, most of those other households are spread throughout Douglas County, which had 23,988 in 2016.

Kiplinger used the county’s overall median income of $58,535 and median home value of $272,000.

The Ranchos often makes lists of this sort because it is a micropolitan statistical area.

With a 2010 population of 11,312 residents, the Ranchos is the largest community in Douglas County. It also has the highest poverty level at 15.7 percent, more than twice the 7 percent of millionaires Kiplinger credits the Ranchos with having.