Weathering the coming storm |

Weathering the coming storm

Record Courier Staff Reports

We can’t decide which is going to be more trouble, the storm rolling down from the Gulf of Alaska or the prospect of a three-day New Year’s weekend.

Combining the two may make for some pretty slick times in western Nevada this coming holiday.

We need the storm after a pretty dry December. The post-Thanksgiving storms just whetted our appetite for a drought buster. While this week’s storms may not have that punch, at least they will improve the balance sheet in our favor.

As far as the celebration goes, Stateline could certainly use the business New Year’s celebrations bring.

Both have their darker sides.

The storm, however necessary, requires us to take precautions when we are traveling and often New Year revelers may make it safer to spend Dec. 31 in front of the television instead of on the roads avoiding ice and dodging drunks.

However, people shouldn’t live their lives in fear and if they feel the urge, should go out and enjoy this weekend.

So evaluate the risk when you go out this Friday and prepare for the worst. Remember to carry chains and a designated driver. If you’ve had too much to drink, stay where you are or call a cab.

Most importantly, remember while you’re enjoying life, that it has value and we hope to see everyone again in the new year after the crowds have cheered and the clouds have cleared.