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Weapon in IHOP shooting modified

Someone who knew guns converted a Chinese semi-automatic used by Eduardo Sencion in a Carson City shooting to an automatic.

Authorities say the MAK 90 that Sencion used to fire 60 rounds inside the Carson City International House of Pancakes on Sept. 6 was “professionally gunsmithed” to convert it into an automatic weapon. The implication is that Sencion didn’t modify the weapon himself. Sencion killed four people and injured seven before killing himself.

It has been more than five years since the rifle was sold in a private party transaction in California, according to Sheriff Kenny Furlong.

Investigators don’t know who bought the gun, or who modified it to be fully automatic, but at some point it came into the possession of someone whose mental state pretty clearly made him a threat to himself and others.

Sencion had a history of mental health issues and had been on long-term medication.

A 1997 graduate of South Lake Tahoe High School, he survived by working for the family business. The van he drove to the scene of the crime belonged to someone else. His only tangle with police was in April 2000 when he fought with South Lake Tahoe police during a mental health commitment.

The damage Sencion did was senseless, but someone knew exactly what they were doing when they modified a perfectly legal weapon in an illegal way.

We’re as supportive of the 2nd amendment as we are of the 1st, but the law here is clear and it is in place for reason. This is the sort of thing that gives gun enthusiasts a bad reputation, and makes it harder to argue for gun rights.

When someone converted that semi-automatic to a fully automatic weapon, they were cocking the gun that Eduardo Sencion, in his madness, would use to rub out four lives and wreck seven others.