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Ways paved at Lampe Park

Paving up to the Lampe Park stream was one of the last bits of a project that lasted 15 years.
Kurt Hildebrand

A 15-year project to pave the pathways at Lampe Park is wrapping up this month.

Lampe Park is one of the oldest in the Douglas County Parks System and was the only park that had decomposed granite pathways.

Those pathways washed out and were replaced with more decomposed granite, according to Parks and Recreation Director Scott Morgan.

He said that after a smaller flood around the turn of the century parks officials decided to start using pavers in the park as funding became available.

“We did this because the pavers are very durable and less costly to maintain,” he said. “The decomposed granite system had a lot of mud puddles and was labor intensive.”

He said the park would spend whatever was available on the pavers over the years.

“On average we would spend between $10,000-$50,000 per year if funds were available,” he said. “There were many years mainly during the Great Recession that no money was available.”

He said funding for the pavers either came from residential construction or room tax.