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Wax museum displayed at Meneley Elementary

by Amy Roby
Special to The R-C

Students in Cathy Hackler’s fifth-grade class at Meneley Elementary rounded out the school year by presenting a “Wax Museum of Scientists and Inventors” to parents, visitors, and other classes within the school.

After researching an inventor of their choice, students wrote multi-media reports that included a timeline graphic and factual acrostic poem. Reports were summarized and rewritten into the first person, which students memorized and used as a script. They presented their reports in full costume with props, and used iPads to present media slides they’d created.

“Tying this level of technology specifically to science and invention was a great way to make history come alive,” Hackler said. “The kids were completely engaged throughout the whole process.”

Local student wins money for college

Ranchos resident Molly Cloutier was one of 12 recipients of the recent Nevada $529 College Savings Day contest, hosted by the Nevada College Savings Board and State Treasurer Kate Marshall.

To be eligible for the contest, students in kindergarten through fifth grade needed to compose an essay about what they want to study in college. Molly, who was in third grade teacher Krystal Koontz’s class at the time of the contest, wrote about her wish to study zoology. There were more than 3,000 entries throughout the state, and Molly’s essay was one of 12 chosen for the prize.

In a news release detailing the contest, Marshall said, “As state treasurer, one of my highest priorities as administrator of the Nevada College Savings Plans Program is to provide Nevada children with an enhanced ability to afford a college education. Research shows that children with a college savings account are up to seven times more likely to attend college than those without an account, no matter how much funding is in the account. This fun contest is meant to begin a discussion in families about the need to plan ahead, as well as provide 12 lucky recipients with a head start for college savings.”

Congratulations, Molly!

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