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Waterloo reopens

by Merrie Leininger

By the time you read this, Douglas County officials hope that Waterloo Lane is open at Highway 395.

The roadway, was not officially opened Monday despite removal of the cones.

“It was coned off and somebody removed the cones,” Eric Teitelman, engineering manager with community development, said Monday. “It still has to be striped and the traffic signal has to be hooked up. It won’t be open for a few more days.”

The painting began Tuesday and the signal wiring will be completed later in the week, he said.

The traffic detection will not be completely hooked up until the end of the week.

Teitelman said he was at the site Monday and the improvements were done well.

“They widened the road and removed an island and some of the existing pavement; it’s a pretty nice job,” he said. “We decided to close the road rather than risk having cars driving through there where the signal wasn’t operational and with the construction going on.”

The $55,000 project was handled by A and A Construction of Minden.

Some of the improvements to the curb and gutters, all the way to the park, will be completed when a third store, a tire store, is constructed.

Additionally, the AM/PM gas station and convenience store and the Kentucky Fried Chicken will soon be opened, according to developer Roger Falcke of the Genoa Co.

Holding off on any bad weather, the tentative opening date is now Oct. 5, he said.

“We are finishing up with the paving and landscaping,” Falcke said. “But the stores are complete and most of the equipment is in the stores now.”

The $2.5 million project is a long time in coming, Falcke said.

“Finally it is done. It’s been a dream since 1995,” Falcke said. “I hope it’s a real asset to the community.”

The AM/PM is taking applications on-site now, he said. Ads are also in the Record-Courier and Nevada Appeal.

Application flyers are available outside of KFC.

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