Watch out for shoulder surfers |

Watch out for shoulder surfers

by Elisabeth Daniels
Fight Fraud Taskforce

Stop a scam before it starts by avoiding “shoulder surfing”. The Nevada Fight Fraud Taskforce is warning consumers to watch out for over-the-shoulder observation by crooks.

Criminals use this technique to obtain information without your knowledge. By peering over your shoulder, scammers can watch you fill out a form, enter your PIN at an ATM, use a calling card, and enter passwords. They will then use this information to steal your money, your goods or your identity.

To stay safe:

* Be aware of your surroundings when in crowded places or standing in line.

* Shield your paperwork or the keypad from view by using your body or your hand as a block.

* If you carry your Social Security card with you, do not keep it up front in your wallet. Thieves can memorize your SSN while you’re pulling out cash or a credit card.

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