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Warrant issued in Tahoe theft

A $25,000 warrant was issued for a man who was arrested at Lake Tahoe in September.

Jason Lusk, 26, was scheduled to appear for arraignment in Douglas County District Court on Tuesday.

Attorney Kris Brown said Lusk was in custody in Mendocino County, Calif., where he’d been arrested for pointing a shotgun at a deputy in October 2016. She said he was facing a probation violation there.

Lusk was arrested Sept. 9 at Nevada Beach after deputies responded to a report that someone was checking door handles.

While talking to deputies, an iPhone in Lusk’s pocket started ringing. When told he could answer it, Lusk turned it off and threw it on the ground. The caller turned out to be the phone’s owner. Lusk was also found with a Marine Corps combat knife.

■ A week after admitting to embezzling from the store she managed, a Topaz Ranch Estates woman was taken into custody for possession of a controlled substance.

Sandra Wages, 35, was taken into custody Monday evening after being pulled over for speeding, according to Douglas County Jail records.

She was scheduled to appear in East Fork Justice Court on Wednesday.

Wages entered a guilty plea in Douglas County District Court on Nov. 12. It will be up to the judge whether to sentence her on a felony or gross misdemeanor on Jan. 7.

■ A California man is facing a probation violation after he was arrested for shoplifting at a Douglas Walmart on Sunday.

Cameron Mitchell Aguilar, 29, was stopped by security as he was pushing a shopping cart out of the store.

According to court documents, he’d taped UPC codes to more expensive items and went through the self-checkout.

■ A Zephyr Cove man left his home Saturday and came home to find a stranger sitting on his couch watching television.

Deputies were called to the home at 6 p.m. to find the intruder sitting inside watching the television.

The resident said he left the home two hours earlier and had locked the door. When he returned he unlocked the door to find the man inside.

The intruder told deputies he met a man at a Stateline casino who told him to go to an address on Lake Tahoe Boulevard where he would meet a friend who would help him with a place to stay.

He claimed the front door of the residence was unlocked and open and he went inside and started cleaning.

Video surveillance showed the intruder climb onto the back porch of the residence and open the back sliding glass door.

While the resident said he didn’t find anything missing, many of his belongings were removed from a rack and piled onto the living room floor

The screen door was off the tracks and bent.

■ A Carson Valley business owner reported receiving a fake $100 bill on Monday.

The bill was marked as copy money, but got mixed in with real bills. The owner reported the incident in the hopes that other business owners in the Valley aren’t caught by the same incident.