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Wal-Mart looks for location; Muller site is prime candidate

by Christy Chalmers, staff reports

Douglas County Manager Dan Holler says Wal-Mart is shopping for a Carson Valley location, and the corner of Highway 395 and Muller Lane is a prime candidate.

The land is now zoned for agriculture, but owner Dangberg Holdings Nevada has asked for master plan changes that would ultimately allow commercial development on 70 acres while guaranteeing 450 acres along the Carson River and another 25 acres east of Gardnerville would stay agricultural.

The planning commission discussed the issue briefly Aug. 8 but didn’t make a decision on the amendments. The Muller Lane property has been rumored as a possible Wal-Mart site, and Holler verified that the company has looked at six possible locations along Highway 395.

“I know they’ve talked to several different property owners,” said Holler. “If this (master plan change) was approved, I wouldn’t doubt this would be a site that they would look at.”

Some members of the planning commission were cool to the idea of changing the land’s use.

“I just don’t see where this land is suitable for any kind of development,” said Valida McMichael, referring to concerns about a high water table and the area’s proximity to the Genoa fault.

Ame Hellman wondered if bringing water and sewer service to the site would encourage development.

“It just raises a lot of questions for me with respect to the whole highway corridor ,” she said.

Keith Ruben of R.O. Anderson Engineering said Dangberg isn’t interested in commercial development beyond the 70 acres in its proposal because the land wouldn’t be close enough to Highway 395.

The planning commissioners said they want more information about what the requested changes would mean before they act. The matter could be discussed again when they meet in September.