Voting is acting |

Voting is acting


As the election of our state and county officials nears, I am vexed with the decisions that lay before me this year. As a member of the 2010 Leadership Douglas county class, I have had the privilege to meet many of the elected officials in our county and hear directly from key personnel the factors which are influencing their decisions for our future. I have sat in rooms with both Dave Brady and Lee Bonner this year and ultimately I am impressed with both men. As my leadership lessons come to a close I sit with a new vision of the tasks that lay ahead for our next leaders. These tasks will keep any normal human up many sleepless nights. They are complex and new, meaning that the ways of the past will likely not be the solution that we use moving forward. The future will be one of risk and challenges for our new leaders, rewards and failure will be ripe for the taking and the criticisms of the public eye will be sharp. Their experience may be of little help in the decisions they must make and their willingness to go where we have never gone before might just cement their legacy in our community. But as I sit and think about these coming elections and ponder the future that my children will live in, I have come to clear understanding of my role. I must participate.

Participation in America is our freedom, and as we listen to all the political advertising, and slander the candidates tend to sling, our freedom allows us to have the final say. Whether we agree or disagree with Sharon Angle or Mr. Reid is of little importance unless we act. We must vote. We must participate. I once heard the following quote “A voice without action is just noise.”

I for one am tired of all the campaigning, I have tuned them all out at this point, I have turned to reading about the candidates in hopes to find a sliver of the moral standards they represent , then I will make my choice and vote. It is easy to be a nonparticipant in our elections, standing on the sideline and voicing our opinions as the parade moves by, there is safety in not making the wrong decision. But I urge you all to act now.

I know that there are citizens who will read this note and say “What is the use? Politicians don’t really care about me and my concerns.” I know that many can read about airport regulations and listen to the many plus and minuses of the issue and still have no idea what will be best for our community. I know that good people will lose in these elections and some questionable people will win. But not participating cannot be an option. Douglas County and the State of Nevada need you and me to participate. They need us to act.

Charlie Pankey