Voters go to the polls Tuesday |

Voters go to the polls Tuesday

by Christy Chalmers

Douglas County voters have a long holiday weekend to decide who they’ll choose at the polls Tuesday.

The ballot is short – Democrats and non-partisans have three races and Republicans have five. Early voting, which ended Friday, brought in the expected number of people, said Clerk-Treasurer Barbara Reed.

“Early voting is where we expected it to be,” she said Thursday. “It’s been very steady and busy today. We estimated 1,500 would vote early. I think it will be right in that ball park.”

Republicans are voting for a U.S. Senator, a U.S. Representative, a state Supreme Court justice, a state education board trustee and a Douglas County Area 4 school board trustee.

Democrats and non-partisans are voting on the Supreme Court, state education and county school board races.

Douglas County has 27,214 people registered to vote. Of those, 20,173 are active. Republicans dominate the rolls with 11,909 members. There are 5,538 Democrats and 2,263 non-partisan voters.

The campaign season is shaping up as a low-spending affair, with the exception of the race for the Assembly District 39 seat.

According to expense reports filed Aug. 29, the biggest Douglas County spender – and fund-raiser – is incumbent Assemblyman Lynn Hettrick, R-Gardnerville, who is being challenged by Gardnerville resident Willie Edwards, a Democrat.

Hettrick declared $39,316 remaining from a previous campaign and reported another $65,300 raised this season. His expenses total $55,866 and include several $1,000 donations to other Republican candidates for state offices.

Edwards reported a war chest of $2,600 – $500 of which came from the State of Nevada Employees Association and the balance from himself.

The most expensive county-level race involves Tahoe Justice of the Peace candidates Ray Finnegan and Richard Glasson.

Glasson has raised $8,396 and spent $2,395, while Finnegan raised $1,693 and spent $930.

East Fork Justice of the Peace Jim EnEarl, who has no challenger, didn’t raise or spend any money.

None of the three Douglas County commissioners whose terms expire this year have serious opposition. Bernie Curtis, who was not challenged at all, listed $1,058 in contributions and expenses.

Commissioner Kelly Kite reported $950 in contributions and $198 in expenses, while Elaine Smith, who filed against him but dropped out, reported $626 in contributions and $150 in expenses.

Commissioner Steve Weissinger raised $6,440 and spent $390. Al Wagner, who challenged him but dropped out, listed no contributions or expenses.

School board candidates Dave Brady (Area 1), Veronica Hulsey (Area 1), James Keegan (Area 5) and Charles Pullen (Area 7) reported no contributions and the $30 filing fee as their only expense.

Area 3 school board candidate George Echan reported $4,034 in contributions and $1,474 in expenses. His opponent, William Laughlin, reported no contributions and $991 in expenses.

Area 4 candidate John Louritt reported no contributions and $799 in expenses, and one of his opponents, John Raker, reported $724 in contributions and $328 in expenses. A report for the third candidate, Randy Green, was not in the file.

Area 7 candidate Keith Roman, who is competing with Pullen, listed no contributions and expenses of $409.

Gardnerville resident Richard Hamzik, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, reported raising $7,708 in individual contributions, $10,000 in a loan to himself and $16,074 in a donation to himself. He listed expenses totaling $31,515.22.

Polls are open Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.