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Vote for Angle


The upcoming election is pretty simple. If you love Obama Care and special deals for certain people, vote for Harry. If you like trillion dollars deficits that are spending your grandchildren’s money and putting them massively in debt, vote for Harry. If you like big pork-ear-marks, vote for Harry. If you think bigger, more intrusive government is the way to go, vote for Harry. If you are willing to give up liberty for security, vote for Harry. You can not have both liberty and security, they are mutually exclusive. If you believe that a senator can support the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution and champion a Supreme Court justice who does not believe in 2nd Amendment Rights, vote for Harry.

Recent quotes by Harry Reid….

“Part of my constitutional duty is to give congressionally directed spending,” Reid said. “I am vigorous in going forward with congressionally directed spending. I fight for it.” (Stop spending more than we have, Harry. Have you even read the Constitution?)

“I’ve been running the country, or at least helping to run it,” Reid told the Washington Examiner on Thursday. “I’ve been busy and I got out here just as quick as I could.” (But he isn’t responsible for anything.)

“With the economic situation the way it is and the tens of millions of dollars in ads being run against me, I have some understanding of what is going on here,” Reid said. “I wish it weren’t as close as it is, but I understand the frustration of the people of Nevada and I hope they understand, if nothing else, how hard that I work, every day, for the state of Nevada.” (Wait a minute, you have out spent Angle 4-1, with nothing but attack ads, you won’t run on your record, Blame corporations while accepting millions from unions, Wake up Harry).

Obamacare, Cap and Trade (Better known as “Cap and Tax” based on flawed studies of co2 and climate change), Amnesty for illegal immigrants (Break our laws and we will reward you, social security, preferences in our universities, Sue states that want to protect themselves, etc.), Spend and tax, follow failed policies for the past 75 years based on a flawed economic theory. Claim others have no new ideas while promoting failed ones, step by step destroying the American middle class, reducing the US standard of living by leaps and bounds, Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, Taking over American industry. Who is the extremist?

The Democrats are right, we need change in Washington, right now. We need a smaller more frugal government. Vote for the Tea Party’s favorite candidate, Sharron Angle.

Dave Nelson