Vision committee’s plan comes into focus |

Vision committee’s plan comes into focus

Andy Bourelle

The Gardnerville Vision Committee’s long-term plan for a restored town park is coming into focus.

The committee’s multi-phase plan has been approved by the Gardnerville Town Board, and Piper Doucette, chair of the committee, said she hopes phase one will be completed in the fall.

The plan is separated into phases to allow the work to be completed over an undetermined period of time. The work would proceed depending upon available funds and the discretion of the town board.

“It can all happen at once or in little spurts,” Doucette said. “It could take three years or 15 years, maybe 20. It’s all at the direction of the board.”

Private donations, fund-raisers and extra town money will pay for the park. The estimated cost of the first phase is about $12,000, about half of which, Doucette said, was already raised.

The estimated cost of the entire plan, based on current prices, is more than $500,000. The estimated cost per square foot is about $3.30. Upgrades to other Valley parks were $2.31 per square foot at the Minden Park, $5.80 at Stodick Park, $2.19 at Aspen Park and $2.68 at Kahle Park.

Some of the costs for the first phase will come from new trees, shrubs and landscaping. Later phases will bring numerous changes such as new lights, sidewalks, picnic tables and benches. The building of an amphitheater is one long-term aspect of the plan.

The vision committee formed about four years ago and has created a vision study which has been incorporated into the Douglas County master plan.

“The Vision Study maps out the beautification of Gardnerville, how to retain its historic ambiance,” Doucette said. “It’s important to keep track of Gardnerville’s roots in order to keep its identity.”

Doucette said the redevelopment of the park would benefit the residents and businesses of the downtown by attracting the kind of clientel the community needs.

The committee envisions that future store-front shops will surround the park, enhancing the downtown.

The committee hopes residents will get involved, Doucette said, and the best way people can do that is by helping with fund-raisers. Private donations and fund-raisers are important for several reasons such as getting the community involved emotionally.

People are more likely to use the park if they have been involved in raising money for it, Doucette said. Also, with more money raised by outside sources, the town of Gardnerville will have to pay for less, keeping property taxes low.

Doucette’s committee is an official subcommittee of the Gardnerville Town Board. With seven members, its purpose is to implement the vision study.

Doucette said she was happy to see the plan approved and started.

“We’ve accomplished a lot in the few years we’ve worked to get this,” she said. “A lot still needs to be done. A lot will always still need to be done, but I’m glad to see Gardnerville realize its true potential.”