Victims retrieve more stolen goods |

Victims retrieve more stolen goods

by F.T. Norton

A hearing for one of the people arrested in a Carson City burglary ring that ranged from Douglas to Washoe counties.

Heather Olea, 22, was arrested on suspicion of felony possession of stolen property and a warrant for failure to attend substance abuse counseling after deputies served a search warrant at a Dori Way home on July 14.

Also arrested at the home was Bryan Allen Gaudette on suspicion of felony possession of stolen property and misdemeanor obstructing.

The ring came to light on July 8 when Christopher Allan Buttz, 18, of Carson City, was arrested in Washoe County in possession of items stolen from Carson City, said Washoe County Deputy Armando Avina.

Three people have been arrested and a fourth is being sought. Gaudette’s preliminary hearing is set for Aug. 26.

An electric guitar, violin, one diamond hoop earring, filigree ring and an otoscope were among the dozens of iPods, digital cameras, CDs, computer equipment and phone charges burglary victims looked over Friday at the Carson City Sheriff’s Office.

For the third day, investigators of the burglary ring that reached from Douglas County to Verdi, opened the evidence vaults to allow people to search for their stolen goods.

Daniel Scinto was among the lucky half-dozen Friday who was able to recover something.

“I got my work computer with some unfinished business,” he said. “So now I get to finish it.”

About a month ago, Scinto discovered his vehicle had been burglarized as it sat outside his Mogul home. Sometime later, a Carson City business owner called Scinto to say he had found his day planner in a parking lot.

Three days later, officers returned to Gaudette’s home and recovered more stolen property, arresting his girlfriend .

According to Carson City Sheriff’s Detective Daniel Gonzales, about 25 victims have been found thus far, but there are still a lot of items unclaimed.

Douglas County Sheriff’s Sgt. Jim Halsey said a fourth suspect, Andrue Madden, 18, still is being sought by law enforcement.

Friday was Trish Reviglio’s second time looking at stolen property. As soon as she entered the room where the items were being held, she spotted her 10-year-old daughter’s purloined snowboard.

“She’ll be excited,” said Reviglio whose car was burglarized from inside her South-Reno garage several weeks ago, “but we’re not finding most of our stuff.”