Vic Hyden ends 20 years on Ranchos board |

Vic Hyden ends 20 years on Ranchos board

by Merrie Leininger

He just wanted to be a trustee because he was bored.

Twenty years later, Victor Hyden is leaving the Gardnerville Ranchos General Improvement District board of trustees and moving to San Diego.

“Barbara taught in Yerington for 13 years and she would stay there during the week and come home on weekends and I was bored. I read in the paper about the vacancy and thought, ‘Why not?'” Hyden said. “I just wanted to serve the people. Then I found out I was going to be paid and couldn’t believe it.”

He was on the board for 20 years, except about six months in 1984 when he was not re-elected. Six months later, he was appointed by other trustees when there was a vacancy.

His resignation is effective June 2. The board will appoint a new member on Wednesday.

Hyden refused to take complete credit for any positive changes or work in the GID, but said the entire board affects the GID.

“I worked with the board to do things. I don’t think an individual should take credit. I think we have developed a nice community of people. I think they have faith or trust in the board,” he said.

Hyden, 76, said he is happy about improvements the board has implemented, such as a better water system, excellent streets, a lighting system and now, the beginnings of a park and recreation system.

“I think it’s exciting and I’m going to miss it. I believe, in 5 or 6 years, you will see various open spaces with xeriscaping and a tennis court over here and a basketball court over there and a walking area and a family area, scattered all over. It’s just a matter of getting it done,” Hyden said.

Meanwhile, Hyden and his wife, Barbara are busy packing up the home on Joette Drive they have lived in for about 10 years.

They have been spending the summers in Vista, Calif., north of San Diego, for about five years now and already have a home there. The Hydens’ son, Steve, lives there with their grandsons, Brent, 6, and Kyle, 9.

“We’re moving because the grandkids are down there and so why fool around here any longer?” Hyden said.

They also have a daughter, Anne Rohr, who lives in Salem, Ore.

Hyden, who was in journalism and education for many years, said he will miss the view of Job’s Peak and attending University of Nevada, Reno football games.

“Barbara would bring her work home and say, ‘What are you going to do today,’ which meant, ‘Get out of here.’ So I went to a game and I got hooked. I have been to every home game,” he said.

He plans to continue to go to as many road games as he can get to, he said.

But after 30 years, Hyden will say goodbye to the Ranchos.

“I will miss the Ranchos, the people, the board and the many friends we have made here,” he said.