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Vic and Jani Buron’s online company offers services and products

by Nancy Hamlett

For Vic and Jani Buron, the Internet has become a new frontier. The South County residents jumped into the technical age by putting their company, Learning Legacy, on line.

Both of the Burons have had several lives before embarking on this adventure. Vic trained thoroughbred racehorses and owned an equine product manufacturing company. Jani is a freelance writer for many publications.

Neither one of them was involved with computers until a few years ago.

“We’re the first to admit that we aren’t experts,” said Vic. “I absolutely depend on young people for help. I’d like to learn how to program, but I just don’t have the mental power needed.”

Learning Legacy, and the website LLShopping, is the outcome of 10 years of researching educational materials developed by teachers to see if they were feasible for sale.

“That project is still in the works in the near future, but in the meantime we took the idea and expanded it into different areas,” said Vic. “It took 10 years to get this far because once we developed our ideas we discovered limitations. The ideas weren’t compatible with the current technology.”

Once technology caught up with the Burons, they had to search for companies to host the website (a server).

“Our website is highly intensive with photos and graphics. There were limitations where we could go,” said Vic. Their final choice was Autumn Internet that uses an IBM/AS400 server.

The Burons created LLShopping with the idea of offering unique, attractive and reasonably priced items to online customers. They envision the site as a department store for specific categories of goods.

The first two departments that the Burons are offering are historical documents printed on parchment, and flags of the state and territories, as well as the first U.S. flag. Framed or unframed quality prints of the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Gettysburg address are just a small sampling of the documents offered.

The products are manufacturer-direct which translates into better prices and quicker shipping. The website is secured so that any information transferred to the site can not be intercepted.

n Take to next step. The Burons said that the next step in developing the business would be to include art and equine products.

“Imagine browsing the net to discover new artists, not just in your region, but worldwide,” said Vic. “And as the web develops into motion, it will revolutionize the way we receive information.”

Also on the website is the opportunity for people to endorse the U.S. Constitution. Vic says that the idea came to him when they were searching for a supplier for the historical document.

“Believe it or not, it’s difficult to find a copy of the Constitution anyplace except in a book in the library,” said Vic. “That made me think that more people needed to see it and remember what is in it.”

You can also print out the document from the website.

“It’s not a political thing,” said Buron. “It’s all about our freedom and staying free. It’s an affirmation that we find the freedoms given to us important.”

Buron said that his goal is to have 1 million endorsements within a year.

“That really is a small percentage of the American people,” said Buron. “I don’t think it’s an unrealistic number.”

While Vic develops new ideas for the website and does the product development legwork, Jani takes care of the publicity. She sends out notices, answers E-mail and writes press releases. In her spare time she writes novels and poetry and illustrates children’s literature.

A book she illustrated for author Piri Korngold Nesselrod on children’s fables will be released early this spring.

“I used to do all of my illustrations by hand because I couldn’t find a computer program I liked,” said Jani. “You had to draw the way the computer wanted you to draw. But Vic found a new program for me and I am having the time of my life.”

In addition Vic and Jani teamed up to produce a CD titled “Jani’s Favorite Wildgame Recipes.” Not only does the CD provide mouth watering recipes; it instructs the user on the proper care of wild game, and where to buy it. There is also a database to enter your own recipes.

Although the Burons are of an age that tends to be suspicious of computers, they say that older people shouldn’t be intimidated.

“There’s no mystery to it,” said Vic. “The initial intimidation lasts no more than three days.”

n New frontier. “It’s a new frontier that seniors can have a part of,” said Jani. “It’s actually thrilling.”

The Burons have lived in the south county area for 21 years, previous to that they lived in Gardnerville for 5 years. Both of their children graduated from Douglas High School, and they now have families of their own. The Burons have seven grandchildren.

“We are seniors keeping current with, and making use of the modern world of technology,” said Jani. “This opportunity is here for everyone who wants to learn, regardless of age. This is the way of the future.”

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