Vandals strike at Douglas, Carson schools |

Vandals strike at Douglas, Carson schools

Michael Schneider

In addition to the long-standing sports rivalry between Douglas and Carson high schools, administrators are dealing with a new tradition – vandalism.

DHS Vice Principal John Carlson said Thursday vandals spray-painted the letters “CHS” on a high school building with blue spray paint Tuesday night. Blue is the Carson team’s color.

Carson High School principal Glen Adair said vandals spray-painted the letters “DHS” and other letters which he believes were meant to be a slur toward the Carson cross country team Wednesday night on the Carson all-weather track.

“I’m sitting here looking at all the credentials on my walls and I think I’m supposed to know how to stop this,” said Adair. “Sometimes I just can’t figure out what makes kids tick.”

Adair said he spoke to Carson students on Thursday and told them not only was it wrong what the Douglas students may have done to his school, but it was equally wrong what Carson students allegedly did to DHS.

“I would help DHS as much as possible,” said Adair. “We’ve got to get this stopped.

“Trying to figure out who did this would be impossible,” said Carlson.

Both officials said the incidents are the latest chapter in a new tradition of the schools’ thrashing each other’s campus before tonight’s annual football match-up between the two rivals.

“It’s one thing to have a rivalry and support your team, but if it extends to having to take money out of the school general funds to fix the problems, it’s not a good deal,” said Adair.

He said CHS will have to pay several hundred dollars to fix the all-weather track.

Carlson said that Douglas typically experiences some vandalism before the annual match-up of the rival schools. He said past instances of vandalism have included shaving cream on cars, blue ribbons on car antennas or letters burned into the football field.

Carlson said he did call the Carson High principal, but didn’t file a police report.