Valley seniors just miss certain doom; escape Hurrican Nora |

Valley seniors just miss certain doom; escape Hurrican Nora

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Although Douglas County was thousands of miles from hurricane Nora, 19 Carson Valley seniors felt some of her affects in September.

They didn’t see or feel any of Nora’s force, but their long-awaited Mexican Riviera Cruise had to make a U-turn in order to avoid certain doom.

The destination of the cruise was Cabo San Lucas, which was ravaged by Nora’s winds last week. The Valley residents spent extra time in Ensenada, Mexico, just south of San Diego, and a few days in San Francisco instead. And even though their plans changed, they still had fun.

“Everybody still had a good time,” said Kathy Maidlow, Senior Services supervisor and participant on the cruise. The cruise went from Sept. 21 to 28, and many people – not the Valley seniors – were disappointed with the change.

About 250 people left halfway through, Maidlow said, but the seniors still enjoyed their vacation. During the day, they played bingo and cards, and at night there were shows on the ship for them to watch.

In San Francisco the seniors went shopping, went to Alcatraz and took a ferry across the bay to the little town of Sausalito.

Because of the change, the seniors were given $50 credit on the cruise and 25 percent of their next cruise – even though they still had fun.

“There was always something to do,” Maidlow said. “We were there to relax. We didn’t have to clean, we didn’t have to cook. It was a lot of fun.”

The seniors are planning a cruise to Alaska in September 1998. Next year’s hurricane season probably won’t affect the 1998 cruise.