Valley electric vehicle stations charge ahead |

Valley electric vehicle stations charge ahead

Gardnerville bet on the future of electric cars on Tuesday night when town board members approved putting a charging station on Eddy Street next to the Historian Inn.

Town Manager Tom Dallaire said they have until Dec. 15 to receive funds for the station from NV Energy.

The station will eventually be at the Eagle Gas Station, but Dallaire said he didn’t want to take a chance on damaging it while they were working on the site.

“Electric vehicles will become the wave of the future,” Dallaire said. “Right now there are 400-500 of them, but next year the number will triple, and triple again.”

The vehicles are built with access to a map of charging stations that allows them to determine if a station is in use or not.

“This would put the town of Gardnerville on the map,” Dallaire said.

Most vehicles have a 100-mile range, which puts Carson Valley very close to the limit they can go without recharging.

“They don’t have enough juice to go from Reno to here and get back,” Dallaire said.

He said that the opportunity to have the station paid for would pass soon.

A location on Eddy Street south of Highway 395 was rejected due to the high use of the parking along the street.

“Once the sun goes down, there is no parking over there,” board member Mike Philips observed.

The board voted to authorize Dallaire to spend up to $7,500 of town funds to install the station.

The Minden Town Board approved a similar request by Bently Enterprises on Wednesday night.

Gardnerville also approved seeking a $88,700 grant for the first phase of the Eagle Gas Station project.

County commissioners were scheduled to discuss the grant, along with three others, on Thursday.

Dallaire told board members that $38,000 would go to clean up the site and the rest would pay for planning to get the area in front of the site fixed so large trucks don’t drive over it in cutting the corner.