Valley businesses report busy day on Friday |

Valley businesses report busy day on Friday

by Merrie Leininger

Dateline: Carson Valley the day after Thanksgiving – reportedly the busiest shopping day of the year.

For some business owners, this is the day that will make or break their profits for the Christmas shopping season.

In the Carson Valley, shopkeepers and business managers Friday were either left drumming their fingertips or almost deafened by the ringing of the cash register by the dynamics of the variable shopping mobs.

This is how the day went down for some business in the Carson Valley:

n Raley’s, 11 a.m.: Market manager Kasimir Pawliszyn said the store was pretty empty at 11 a.m.

“We are not very busy because everyone is Christmas shopping. It is a traditionally slow day,” he said.

The day before Thanksgiving was the big day for Raley’s, he said.

“It is a really big day, huge. It really accelerates from a regular day,” Pawliszyn said.

n Carson Valley Pharmacy, 11:10 a.m.: Owner Steve Stratton said the mob of Beanie Baby fanatics got what they came for and left by 11:10 a.m.

“We had 500 people in about two hours,” he said about the quick sellout of the new Halo Bear and Holiday Bear.

The store also had a raffle for some of the new holiday-themed Beanie Babies.

“We are empty now, until the afternoon, when we expect more bears to come in that were on back-order,” Stratton said.

Selling the bears didn’t help much on other items.

“They just get the Beanies and they leave,” he said.

n Classical Glass, 11:19 a.m.: “As of right now, we’ve had about 15 or 16 customers and we opened at 10 a.m,” said salesperson Dani Carson. “That’s a lot for us, and they all bought something.”

The store prepared for the season by making a lot of glass angel ornaments and ordering extra Christmas decorations, she said.

n Rite Aid, 11:22 a.m.: Store manager Chris Walker said the store was hopping, and had been even on Thanksgiving.

“We have had quite a few more people than usual. We tally up all the customers at the end of the day, but everybody’s out shopping, getting ready,” Walker said.

Sales through next Tuesday that include half-off on toys are what is bringing them in, he said.

In addition, Christmas trees and other decorations are selling big and the extra employees are kept busy putting up Christmas trees that arrived on Thanksgiving.

Walker said even though he is running around to keep customers happy, he was glad to be there.

” I just moved here from California and people are really much more open to the Christmas season, so I just appreciate the nice welcome to the town. There are good people here,” he said.

n The New Treehouse, 11:28 a.m.; Manger-owner Liz Bamungartner said the image of the relatively new store has kept people away.

“It’s been pretty quiet right now because people still see us as just a nursery, so we’re not doing Wal-mart-type of business right now,” she said.

In addition to the pots and other assorted nursery items for sale, the Treehouse has Christmas ornaments and other decorations half-off.

The store also has poinsettias, live wreaths and garlands and Bamungartner said she was expecting the Christmas trees to arrive any moment.

n Ironwood Theater, 12:09 p.m.: Those who didn’t want to face shopping went to the movie theater Friday.

Manager Lori Pulver said just for the first showing at 11:45 a.m., the theater did “probably double,” the business of an average day.

“Today’s the really big day of the year,” Pulver said. “‘A Bug’s Life’ is number one movie for us.”

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