USDA Offers Rural Business Grants for Tribal Enterprises |

USDA Offers Rural Business Grants for Tribal Enterprises

Special to The R-C

The Nevada State Office of USDA Rural Development has announced it is accepting grant applications from tribal enterprises to develop small and emerging private business opportunities in rural areas of the state.

This program provides grants for rural projects that finance the development of small and emerging rural businesses, and help fund distance adult learning for job training and advancement. Small and emerging private businesses are those with fewer than 50 employees with less than $1 million in projected gross revenues.

USDA Rural Development expects to award approximately $3.2 million through the Native American RBEG program via a single national competition. There is no Nevada state set-aside for this program. Native American RBEG applications from Nevada compete with other Native American RBEG applications from around the nation. Last year 25 projects were funded, including two Nevada projects. The Moapa Band of Paiutes received $65,000 to purchase a bulldozer for use at the Moapa Paiute Farm in southern Nevada, and the Wells Band Council received $52,800 to conduct a feasibility study for a motel in Wells.

For a tribally owned business to be considered private, it must be held through a separate entity such as a tribal corporation. The corporation may be owned by the tribe and distribute profits to the tribe. However, the governing board must be independent from the tribal government and elected or appointed for a specific time period.

Pre-applications for the Native American RBEG are available at and are strongly encouraged. For more information, contact Michelle Kelly in Carson City, at (775) 887-1222 x 118, or David Foster, in Las Vegas, at (702) 262-9046 x 103.