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Unexpected balance may help nonprofits

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Douglas County commissioners will have a little bit of money to play with thanks to a larger-than-expected ending fund balance of $835,779.

Slightly less than half of that money is already divided up among approved projects, but that leaves $429,877 to spend, according to a report prepared by Interim Finance Director Tom Minton.

The county received $37.16 million in actual revenue during the fiscal year ending June 30, and actually expended $38.02 million.

That left a $6.5 million ending fund balance, which was quite a bit higher than the budgeted balance of $5.67 million.

Most of the allocated money went to the weed control contract, paying to support the lands bill and community grants.

Those requesting grants received $84,500 out of $137,154 requested, which is something commissioners could do with the rest of the money.

Each of community organization submitted an application to the county commission detailing its budget and a request for a grant.

Deciding what to do about the ending fund balance will be a step toward preparing commissioners for this year’s budgeting process.

Unlike last year, when county officials were waiting for the Legislature to decide what would happen statewide, this year there’s no political wildcard.

The county is expected to have final revenue projections by March 25 and the deadline to send the tentative budget to the state is April 15.

According to budget directives issued by county officials, no new personnel should be included in the budgets unless requested by the board of commissioners. Personnel budgets will include a 4 percent merit increase for those eligible. Department services and supplies budgets won’t increase from the current budget.