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2 women admit involvement with Kingsbury trick roll

Two women who set a Kingsbury man up to be robbed by responding to a web post for sex admitted to gross misdemeanors on Tuesday.

Saphire Rasmussen, 19, admitted to one count of conspiracy to solicit for prostitution while Justyce Fasano, 18, admitted to conspiracy to commit burglary.

According to court documents Rasmussen agreed to meet the man for $500 in the Sugar Daddy group of seeking.com.

When she arrived at his home on Aug. 6, 2018, she had Fasano with her, and the man said he would pay an additional $100. According to court documents, Rasmussen went into the bedroom with him while Fasano went back out of the apartment, where she let two masked men inside, who robbed the man.

District Judge Tod Young questioned prosecutor Erik Levin about the plea agreement.

“I’m shocked at this plea agreement,” Young said. “This is a serious violent crime reduced to a gross misdemeanor.”

Levin explained that the two masked men were the actual perpetrators of the offense.

As part of her agreement Rasmussen had to provide information on the men to the Sheriff’s Ofice, identified in court documents as Isaiah Martin and Geo Vaughanii Rene Chambers-Richie. Neither man has been charged in Douglas County.

Both women face up to 364 days in jail and a $2,000 fine on April 23. Rasmussen was ordered to remove any trace of herself from social media.