Two more arrested in 7-Eleven heist |

Two more arrested in 7-Eleven heist

by Merrie Leininger

Two more men were arrested over the weekend in connection with the Aug. 3 robbery of the Riverview 7-Eleven.

Michael John McSweeney, 24, of Gardnerville, was arrested in Fortuna, Calif., a few miles south of Eureka, Calif. A warrant had been issued for his arrest Friday for investigation of aiding and abetting the crime of robbery, a felony, and burglary, a felony. McSweeney is in custody in California and will be extradited to Minden.

Michael William Nienhouse Jr., 22, of Gardnerville, was arrested Friday at the 7-Eleven in connection with robbery with a deadly weapon and burglary, both felonies. He is being held without bail. He will be in East Fork Justice Court at 2 p.m. today.

Nienhouse was arrested at the store about 1 a.m. He told the clerk he knew there was a warrant out for his arrest and he wanted to turn himself in and the clerk called the police.

McSweeney was the clerk at the store the night of the robbery. Investigators are still unsure of his involvement in the crime, Sgt. Lance Modispacher said, even though he admitted he had discussed the robbery with the main suspect, Richard Elmo Warren, 20, earlier in the night. According to McSweeney’s written statement, Warren got away with only about $75.

After a man came into the store at 2:45 a.m. with a stocking over his head and brandishing a pocketknife and took money, McSweeney called the sheriff’s office and reported the burglary. When officers arrived, McSweeney gave them a misleading description of the suspect, but later admitted his earlier conversation with Warren.

Warren was arrested Aug. 4 after residents helped officers during a chase. Warren will be in East Fork Justice Court for a pre-preliminary hearing at 2 p.m. today.

Sgt. Lance Modispacher said investigators are still looking into how extensively Nienhouse was involved in the robbery.

“We know he assisted Warren, probably in a transportation aspect,” Modispacher said.