Two men sent to prison for felony DUI |

Two men sent to prison for felony DUI

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District Judge Dave Gamble sentenced two men to mandatory prison terms Tuesday for felony violations of driving under the influence.

Justin Reid, 24, of Gardnerville, had prior convictions in November 2001 and December 2004.

Lawyer Tod Young said his client was “a polite, friendly, remorseful, decent young man with a drinking and driving problem.”

“If he could just control his alcoholism, he would be an asset to the community,” Young said.

Gamble said it was a tragedy to send Reid to prison “where you’re going to spend the next year with utter derelicts and criminals.”

He told Reid he can’t drink.

“Even though things are permissible, they’re not appropriate for some people,” Gamble said. “You are one of those.”

He sentenced Reid to 30 months in Nevada State Prison with a 12-month minimum before he is eligible for parole.

Kevin Fanning, 31, of Three Rivers, Calif., told Gamble he had completed in-patient treatment and had been attending Alcoholics Anonymous.

Fanning’s prior convictions were 2001, 2003 and 2004.

Lawyer Derrick Lopez said Fanning was “one of the rare clients who actually did the things I recommended.”

He said Fanning had no criminal history prior to 2001.

“Alcohol has been my nemesis,” Fanning said. “I plan to be sober the rest of my life.”

He said he was “scared to death” that he couldn’t remember stealing a Genoa resident’s truck and driving it to Minden.

“You’re lucky you are not standing here going away for the rest of your life,” Gamble said.

Fanning was sentenced to 32 months in prison with a 12-month minimum for parole eligibility.

Both men were fined $2,000.

Nevada law mandates prison for the third conviction of driving under the influence within seven years.

n District Judge Dave Gamble sentenced a 21-year-old California man to 12 months in Douglas County Jail on Tuesday and ordered him to pay more than $3,000 restitution after he failed a substance abuse program.

“There aren’t too many things more offensive to this court than when someone asks for help, gets it, then spits in the face of the court,” Gamble told Michael Mason.

“I’m offended on behalf of the state and everyone who tried to help you.”

Gamble had deferred Mason’s sentencing for conspiracy to possess a stolen vehicle while he completed a year-long, Christian-based substance abuse program.

Lawyer Kevin Walsh said his client got about half-way through the treatment before he relapsed.

“He thinks he can use the jail time to pull it together,” Walsh said.

n A 27-year-old Gardnerville woman pleaded not guilty Tuesday to battery causing substantial bodily harm in connection with a fight that left the victim with permanent damage in his left eye.

District Judge Dave Gamble set a three-day trial for March 7.

Kristin Olsen is accused of two separate incidents of punching the 55-year-old man in the left eye after he had had surgery.

At a preliminary hearing, Olsen admitted the two had been drinking and arguing. She said the victim attempted to restrain her and she hit him accidentally.

The battery allegedly occurred Dec. 7, 2005, and Feb. 28.

n A 15-year-old Gardnerville Ranchos girl who ran away to Sacramento was allowed to return home after she promised to stay there.

District Judge Dave Gamble told Ashley Eaken that how she follows her mother’s rules “will have a great deal to do with where you spend the next six months of your life.”

He set a disposition hearing for Tuesday after Eaken admitted that she used methamphetamine and cocaine.

Eaken ran away on Oct. 30 and was found in Sacramento with another juvenile on Nov. 16.

She had been in detention since her return to Douglas County.