Two Gardnerville residents face drug charges |

Two Gardnerville residents face drug charges

Staff reports

Two Gardnerville residents were arraigned Friday in East Fork Justice Court on four felony charges in connection with a methamphetamine ring based in Carson City that was broken up by Tri-Net officers earlier this week.

Rebecca Carol Martin-Wilcox, 42, and Gary Peter Patellaro, 29, were arrested Tuesday at 1123 Azul Way in connection with manufacturing a controlled substance, trafficking a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance for sale, possession of a controlled substance, all felonies, and possession of drug paraphernalia, a misdemeanor.

Patellaro is an unemployed plumber and Martin-Wilcox is a self-employed landscaper.

Patellaro told the judge Friday he has lived in Douglas County for seven years and was doing work around Martin-Wilcox’s home while unemployed.

“I know nothing about Mr. Patellaro other than what he’s charged with, which doesn’t bode well for him, but with all due respect, it sounds to me that what was going on around the house was a meth lab,” said Deputy District Attorney Alan Buttell.

He said the DA’s office will be looking into forfeiture proceedings for the home on Azul Way and money confiscated from a bank account, which investigators believe is profit from drug sales.

“That’s not entirely true, your honor,” Patellaro said. “The house was willed to her. I’ve never been in trouble before, your honor.”

Judge Jim EnEarl reduced the bail from $60,505 to $10,000 cash bail. Bail was reduced to the same amount for Martin-Wilcox. Both defendants said they could afford an attorney. They will be back in Justice Court for a pre-preliminary hearing 1 p.m. Dec. 13.

According to Douglas County Investigator Rory Planeta, who is assigned to the Tri-Net Drug Task Force, the two will also be charged in Carson City with conspiracy to manufacture a controlled substance.

“It’s been an ongoing investigation since February. From there, we went on a state-ordered wire tap and we had conversations linking the people in Gardnerville with our main target in Carson City. We’ve also had them under surveillance for the past couple of weeks,” Planeta said.

Both Martin-Wilcox and Patellaro have no previous arrests in this area, authorities said.