Two bears caught and released along eastern Sierra |

Two bears caught and released along eastern Sierra

Staff Reports
A femaleblack bear caught on Friday in west Carson and released on Saturday.
John Axtell | Nevada Department of Wildlife

Veterans Day weekend was a busy one for the Nevada Department of Wildlife with two black bears caught and released.

On Friday, a female black bear was trapped in west Carson, which has been a busy place for bears this autumn.

The female (without cubs) was a recapture from earlier in October when she was first caught in west Carson.

“When we caught her the last time,” said NDOW biologist Carl Lackey, “we did not have the opportunity to perform aversive conditioning treatment (chased by bear dogs and shot with rubber slugs from a shotgun) on her as she was released near Marlette Lake. This time she was released southeast of the first location and we used bear dogs and rubber bullets to see if that scares the bear and keeps it away from humans.”

On Saturday, a male black bear captured in the Gold Ranch area last July, was caught again in Verdi, this time raiding a chicken coop.

The 6-7-year-old bear was about 350 pounds when caught in July, and now weighs about 400 pounds.

The owner of the chicken coop was advised to do more to keep his chickens secure and safe from black bears looking for a meal.

Lackey took the male bear well south of Verdi in the Carson Range to release it Sunday morning using the full aversive conditioning treatment.

Lackey was assisted by personnel from the Wind River Bear Institute of Florence, Mont., and one of their Karelian bear dogs.

“We had “Rooster” (Lackey’s Karelian bear dog) and “Soledad”, one of the dogs from Montana assisting on each release,” Lackey said.

The month of November has not been as busy for nuisance black bear activity as October was, but officials remind people living in Western Nevada to do all they can to avoid attracting bears to their properties.

Currently, the state has one trap placed in the Caughlin Ranch area of southwest Reno, but with unseasonably warm weather forecast for the next few days and a full moon period on tap for next weekend, there is still time for bears to be a potential problem for people who do not take precautions to keep human food sources away from bears, spokesman Chris Healy said.