Try occupying a shower |

Try occupying a shower


I’m responding to the letter headlined “Corporations are not people” in the Oct. 21 Record-Courier. The author left a few facts out of his mash note to the Occupy Everything crowd.

This “grass-roots” movement was instigated by radical Canadian provocateurs, nurtured by hard-left unions, and is being embraced by the Democrat party. These anti-free enterprise mobs, carrying professionally lettered signs with Democrat party talking points, are as spontaneous as a North Korean military parade.

The letter insinuates that it’s Wall Street that has wrecked the economy. Actually, as the Wall Street Journal recently pointed out, “[t]he entire American financial system now operates under the rules they wrote in 2009 and 2010 when Democrats controlled both houses of Congress.” This was the legislative and regulatory war on private sector prosperity that has produced the new Democrat normal: 9 percent unemployment, 401(k)s in the tank, zero interest on bank savings, upside down mortgages, and mid $3 gasoline.

But if you insist on blaming Wall Street, Obama and the Democrats have received more of their campaign cash than all the Republican presidential candidates combined. In fact, many of Obama’s czars came from Wall Street, and some of the fat cats who launder tax money through green energy companies and kick back Democrat campaign contributions are from Wall Street.

The letter writer claims that ” . . . [W]e are finally fighting back, as a community, firmly but nonviolently.”

That depends on the definition of “nonviolently.” The Occupy rabble are racist, anti-Semitic, anti-military, cop-bashing communitarians trashing neighborhoods, vandalizing property, harassing tourists, defecating where they please, blocking the streets, and keeping the non-rich from their workplaces. We don’t need a stoner version of the justice league smoking dope in our parks and serenading us with their “music” to save us from capitalism.

Political analyst Chuck Muth recently posted a hilarious first person account on Nevada News and Views online describing his encounter with the Occupy Baltimore movement. After observing up close this collection of smelly slackers and hooligans, he flipped through his thesaurus to come up with the proper term to describe them and settled on “bums.”

Lynn Muzzy