Truckee cops smash car window to free black bear |

Truckee cops smash car window to free black bear

Tribune News Service
Officers broke a window in this SUV in Truckee late Sunday to free the bear seen trapped inside.
Courtesy Truckee Police |

Police officers were forced to break a car window to free a black bear that had trapped itself inside it Sunday night.

According to a statement from the Truckee Police Department, the male bear locked itself inside an SUV at Stuart Staithe Road in the Glenshire subdivision and caused significant damage to the interior.

The car’s owner could not be located, so officers broke a window to release the bruin.

It was the third similar incident in the last two weeks in Truckee, officers said. A bear got stuck in a car in Prosser Lakeview the night of Oct. 8, and was let out by the car’s owner.

Also, in the early morning hours of Sept. 30, a bear got stuck in a car on Alder Drive near Alder Creek Middle School, and the animal broke a window to escape.

“There was major damage to all three of these vehicles,” officers said. “Imagine what a stressed, angry bear could do stuck in your car.”

Residents are encouraged to roll up car windows and lock doors as bears are smart enough to open unlocked car doors.

People are advised against leaving food or aromatic items in vehicles. For more information on being bear aware, visit or