TRIAD renews commitment to seniors |

TRIAD renews commitment to seniors

by Caryn
Jim GrantTRIAD chairman Travis Lee reads the charter and declaration of the organization to seniors on Monday before it was signed by board members.

For 17 years, Douglas County TRIAD has worked diligently to improve the quality of life for resident seniors.On Monday, board members renewed that commitment by signing the charter and declaration of the organization at the Douglas County Senior Center.“It’s an opportunity to renew our commitment to seniors in Douglas County to help reduce victimization and create awareness about how to live without fear,” TRIAD Chairman Travis Lee said. “Close coordination between our departments is essential in meeting that goal, and speaks to leadership of Douglas County in supporting our growing senior population.”The document was signed by Lee; Douglas County Sheriff Ron Pierini; East Fork Fire & Paramedic Districts Deputy Chief Dave Fogerson; Tahoe Douglas Fire Chief Ben Sharit and Douglas County Senior Advisory Board Chairman Bob Cook.“TRIAD is important. It creates a relationship between the community and the sheriff’s department. We wanted to address issues they have to make their lives better and safer,” Sheriff Ron Pierini said. “We also look at it in a sense that we want them to be our ambassadors, and report to us when something happens. Our TRIAD group works really hard to accomplish our mission.” Gardnerville resident Joy Mau attended TRIAD’s law enforcement academy last year.“It was very interesting and beneficial,” the 71-year-old said. “I learned a lot about what was happening in Gardnerville. It’s very informative. I’m glad the sheriffs are on top of everything.”In 1985, the National Sheriff’s Association, the International Chiefs of Police Association and AARP agreed to work together to reduce the victimization of the elderly and formed the first TRIAD chapter.Douglas County TRIAD was formed in 1996, and comprises the sheriff’s department, East Fork Fire & Paramedics, senior services, Nevada Division of Aging Services, senior volunteers and local ministers.Together, they work toward the goal of enhancing the quality of life for senior citizens through programs and educational seminars.All TRIAD programs are free to Douglas County residents. For more information, call 782-9858. TRIAD Programs The Home Again Program — Designed for dementia patients that provides a photograph, address and other pertinent information to the sheriff’s department. Senior identification cards — Shows name, address and medical information for use by paramedics.Douglas County Senior Directory Senior education seminars — Dedicated to address the challenges facing senior citizens. The Sunshine Program – Birthday cards each month to Meals on Wheels clients. Senior for a Day Program — Annual celebration to honor four randomly selected seniors with a luncheon and gift basket. The Guardian System Program — A computerized telephone system that calls subscribers daily. The File of Life — A refrigerator magnet that contains medical history for Paramedics. Senior Law Enforcement Academy — Designed to educate seniors about the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department and the services they provide.Evacuation Disaster Program — Provides immediate assistance for people who live alone or are disabled in the event of an evacuation.CARE TRACK System — A system utilized to find clients with Alzheimer’s who wander. Information, Deputy Hicks, 782-5126.