TRIAD continues its service to seniors |

TRIAD continues its service to seniors

by Caryn Haller

In the presence of more than 100 residents, the 16th annual signing of the charter and declaration of the Douglas County TRIAD took place Friday at the Douglas County Senior Center.

The document was signed by Travis Lee, chairman of Douglas County TRIAD; Douglas County Sheriff Ron Pierini; East Fork Fire & Paramedic Districts Deputy Chief Dave Fogerson; Tahoe Douglas Fire Chief Ben Sharit and Douglas County Senior Advisory Board Chairman Bob Cook.

“We’re committed to the goal of informing and educating seniors,” Lee said. “We’re doing a great job, and need to do more in the future of getting the word out about us.

“It provides an avenue for the sheriff’s office, senior services and fire department to sit around with seniors in the community and discuss topics from fraud to victimization.”

In 1985, the National Sheriff’s Association, the International Chiefs of Police Association and AARP agreed to work together to reduce the victimization of the elderly and formed the first TRIAD chapter. Since then, more than 400 TRIAD chapters have formed nationwide. Douglas County TRIAD was formed in 1996, working toward the goal of enhancing the quality of life for senior citizens through programs and educational seminars.

“Overall we’ve impacted the community in a broad way from educating medical professionals through senior education seminars, to caregivers in the community, to seniors themselves in keeping them aware of fraud scams and identity theft,” Lee said. “We anticipate doing much more.”

TRIAD is currently putting together a senior directory that should be out in April. It includes businesses, medical resources and government contact information that relate to seniors.

“We’re 100 percent senior advocates. We protect seniors in every way you can imagine from Alzheimers to fraud protection,” Cook said. “I feel the seniors need it and we’re really providing a service that nobody else is providing. We’re helping the seniors remain independant in so many different ways.”

Another program is the Senior Citizen Law Enforcement Academy in its 15th year. In cooperation with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office the academy provides comprehensive law enforcement and public safety information to senior citizens of Douglas County. The goal is that attendees will become more familiar and comfortable with law enforcement and public safety services within Douglas County, and law enforcement officers will develop a better understanding of the needs of senior citizens within our county.

The academy will be 1 to 5 p.m., April 16-20 at the Douglas County Judicial and Law Enforcement Center, 1038 Buckeye Road, Minden. It is open to Douglas County seniors at least 50 years of age.

The academy will include training and instruction on a variety of law enforcement topics, including: uniformed patrol procedures, jail/custody procedures, criminal investigations and crime scene processing, narcotic and gang investigations, the criminal justice system, court procedure and criminal prosecution, emergency dispatch operations, identity theft and fraud prevention, law enforcement volunteer programs, and fire & paramedic services.

Class size is limited to 50 students. Applicants must be willing to submit to a background check, and may not ever have been convicted of a felony crime.

To sign up, call the Douglas County Sheriff’s Administrative Office at 782-9900.

TRIAD Programs

The Home Again Program – Designed for dementia patients that provides a photograph, address and other pertinent information to the sheriff’s department.

Senior In Case of Emergency Program – Addresses the need to create emergency contacts in personal cell phones or mobile devices.

Douglas County Senior Directory

Senior education seminars – Dedicated to address the challenges facing senior citizens. The next one is Oct. 24.

CARE TRACK System – A system utilized to find clients with Alzheimer’s who wander. Information, Deputy Hicks, 782-5126.

The Sunshine Program – Birthday cards each month to Meals on Wheels clients.

Senior for a Day Program – Annual celebration to honor four randomly selected seniors with a luncheon and gift basket.

The Guardian System Program – A computerized telephone system that calls subscribers daily.

The File of Life – A refrigerator magnet that contains medical history for Paramedics.

Senior Law Enforcement Academy

All TRIAD programs are free to Douglas County residents. For more information, call 782-9858.