TRE man receives four years in shooting |

TRE man receives four years in shooting

by Sheila Gardner

A 44-year-old Topaz Ranch Estates man was sentenced Tuesday to four years in prison by a judge who told him instead of playing a hero, he was a criminal.

Judge Tod Young sentenced Gary Wesley Wilson to a minimum of 19 months in Nevada state prison. He gave Wilson credit for 201 days in custody.

Wilson pleaded guilty in December to assault with a deadly weapon, admitting he injured Corey Doan, 41, when he confronted the victim at the residence of a female friend.

She claimed she was the victim of domestic violence at the hands of Doan.

Young told Wilson he should have called 9-1-1, “the real heroes,” instead of taking matters in his own hands.

“Heroism changes to foolishness if you grab a rifle and use it on a person sitting in a car who is not committing a crime. You turned yourself into somebody who is dangerous. You’ve gone from a hero wannabe into a criminal,” Young said.

Doan did not appear Tuesday for a victim impact statement.

District Attorney Mark Jackson said Doan had been arrested Jan. 17 on charges of drug trafficking and possession of a controlled substance, and had bailed out.

Doan is set for a March 3 appearance in East Fork Justice Court.

Jackson said he was unable to reach Doan to appear on Tuesday.

Jackson agreed with Wilson’s attorney, Jamie Henry, that Doan wasn’t seeking more incarceration for Wilson.

“I am also here on behalf of the people of the state of Nevada,” Jackson said. “The sentence is not always what the victim wants.”

He said Doan spoke to him about looking at the muzzle of the .22-caliber rifle in Wilson’s hands, and fearing for his life.

“He thought he was going to die,” Jackson said.

Jackson offered pictures from the inside of Doan’s vehicle, showing bullet holes, and describing the proximity of Wilson’s rifle to Doan’s head.

Originally, reports indicated Doan was hit with birdshot, but Jackson said the injuries were caused by shattered glass after Wilson shot out the windows.

Wilson said he was trying to make a “citizen’s arrest” of Doan, and hold him until he could call the sheriff’s office on the domestic battery allegations.

“Corey Doan is lucky he is alive,” Jackson said.

Doan suffered shoulder wounds, and has recovered.

Wilson fled the scene, but turned himself in after a 26-hour manhunt.

Wilson apologized, and claimed that Doan is still a friend.

“I know I went about things the wrong way. If I put myself in his situation, it must have been hell,” Wilson said. “I feel real bad about what I did. I know it was wrong. My intent was not to hurt him. I just wanted him to get on the ground.”

Young told Wilson with 201 days’ credit for time served, it won’t be long before he is released from prison.

“The next time you decide a situation needs a hero, use the phone, and call one. You are not one, you are a dangerous man,” Young said.