Trashing the Constitution |

Trashing the Constitution


I’m appalled that federal judge Susan Bolton and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder are so ignorant of the U.S. Constitution.

They put a stop to the immigration law, but here is what the constitution says:

Article I ,Section 10 No. 3:

“No state shall, without the consent of Congress, …or engage in war, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent danger as will not admit of delay.”

Article III, Section 2 No. 2:

“In all cases affecting … and those in which a State shall be a party, the Supreme Court shall have original jurisdiction.”

Anybody who thinks there has not been an invasion of the Arizona border must have his head screwed on backwards. And the judge who ruled in this case does not have the authority. And Eric Holder is an interesting case of hypocrisy. He brings suit against Arizona for implementing US immigration law, but lets the Black Panthers go free after they were indicted for intimidating at a polling place.

I think 90 percent of those who read this feel as I do that we are tired of two things: Seeing the U.S. Constitution trashed and the political misuse of the worn-out race card.

Dan Ballard