Transportation plan hits roadblock |

Transportation plan hits roadblock

Approval of the transportation element of the Douglas County Master Plan will wait another day.

After hearing public comment that focused on a plan to turn Ironwood into a collector at Buckeye Road, commissioners decided on Thursday they needed more detail before approving the plan.

“We’re not kicking the can down the road,” Commissioner Barry Penzel said. “We’re trying to make the can fit the road.”

That means the transportation plan will be heard by the new Board of Commissioners, which takes office on Jan. 1.

Commissioner elect Dave Nelson denied having anything to do with truck traffic taken off Muller Lane Parkway.

“The newspaper insinuated I’m responsible for Muller Parkway not being a truck route,” he said. “It wasn’t just me. I spoke for it not being a truck route.”

Nelson said that because the route went through a neighborhood, he agreed it isn’t a good idea to be a truck route.

Commissioner Steve Thaler asked where the county would be if Muller Lane Parkway wasn’t going to be the truck route.

“If Muller parkway won’t be a truck route then what will be?” he asked. “We’re going to need something. I don’t think we’ll need a big bypass in the next 40 years.”

Engineer Rob Anderson suggested that the consultants recommend priorities for roads based on improvements to level of service.

“Ask them to prioritize roads needed over next 20 years,” he said. “A level of service benefit will provide a valuable tool for future decision makers to go forward and implement a plan.”