Trafficking case leads to long prison term |

Trafficking case leads to long prison term

Bryan Harrison
Douglas County Sheriff’s Office |

A Stockton, Calif., man was sentenced to 10-25 years in prison on Monday after he admitted to one count of trafficking in methamphetamine.

Bryan A. Harrison, 24, apologized for his involvement in a drug ring broken up in December.

Under Nevada law, Harrison could have faced up to life in prison. A plea agreement with prosecutors resulted in the shorter of two sentences possible in the case.

Defense attorney Matthew Ence said that all of Harrison’s previous criminal record occurred while he was a juvenile, and that the record had been sealed.

Ence said that Harrison’s youth and a lack of an adult record were points in favor of the shorter sentence.

District Judge Tom Gregory said that several letters from Harrison’s family and friends helped determine his decision to impose the lesser sentence.

Harrison was arrested Dec. 3 after a drug deal in the parking lot of the Gardnerville Walmart.

According to court documents, 43 grams of methamphetamine and 16 grams of heroin were exchanged in the deal.

Another man involved in the drug bust, Joseph Gaines, 26, pleaded guilty to trafficking in a controlled substance on Feb. 16. He is also facing up to a life sentence, though under a plea agreement, prosecutors won’t seek more than 10-25 years.