Towns slow down on speed limit discussion |

Towns slow down on speed limit discussion

The unincorporated towns of Minden and Gardnerville put the brakes on a proposal to determine speed limits on their streets.

On Wednesday, Minden Town Board members voted to pull consideration of an ordinance revision on the advice of counsel.

Town attorney Ryan Russell said he and the District Attorney’s Office are working on the ordinance.

Gardnerville Town Board members also pulled the item off their agenda on Tuesday.

Town Manager Tom Dallaire said the town managers are planning to get together next week to discuss the issue.

In Genoa, Town Manager Phil Ritger said he located a resolution from 1994 that allows the town to lower the speed limit on Kinsey Way to 15 mph.

Sierra Shadows residents, like residents of Wildrose and Deseret drives in Minden, are trying to discourage motorists from using their neighborhood as a bypass around downtown Genoa.

On Tuesday night, Sierra Shadows resident Boomer Hukari said what residents of the neighborhood really want are speed bumps, though he appreciated the town’s efforts toward slowing down traffic on Kinsey.

“We don’t really want to see a bunch of signs there,” he said. “I’ve never seen a sign slow anyone down.”

Town board members said they were required to go through other steps before they could install speed bumps, including lowering the speed limit.

Ritger said he felt he had authorization to lower the speed limits already and planned to proceed.