Towns’ boundary reflects growth |

Towns’ boundary reflects growth

by Sheila Gardner

In anticipation of thousands of new homes, the town boards of Minden and Gardnerville met Monday to designate Zerolene Road as the boundary between the two communities.

“We got kind of complacent and all of a sudden it exploded on us in the last year, year-and-a-half,” said Dave Sheets, Minden Town Board chairman. “It’s just the domino effect all the way down the line.”

The boundary agreed to Monday extends from Zerolene Road to the proposed Muller Parkway.

Last week, the Douglas County commission approved more than 1,600 homes including the Anker-Park project that straddles the towns’ border and the Virginia Ranch project in Gardnerville.

“When I first came on the board, quarter-acre lots were the Minden standard,” said Bob Hadfield. “We’ve completely gotten away from that. The only thing we’re holding on to is the Minden Plan for Prosperity.”

Hadfield said the board had been criticized for approving small lots , but he said price and availability of water were driving factors.

“I think it’s the two towns that are going to shape the vision of Carson Valley,” Hadfield said. “It’s beneficial to get together to understand each other’s desires.”

The official recognition of the Zerolene boundary won’t affect town services.

“The original concept was that things that are serviced by Minden will be continued to be serviced by Minden and the same for Gardnerville,” Sheets said.

“It might be 30 years from now before this is built out, but at least the future boards will know we looked at it,” said Gardnerville town board member Tom Cook.

The two towns also discussed creating compatible sign ordinances.

“We have a proliferation of temporary banners and garage sale signs,” said Jim Park, Gardnerville town manager. “We’re going to incorporate some hard and fast sign ordinances and discuss how we are going to enforce them. Douglas County just doesn’t have the man hours to staff enforcement and that’s what we get hammered on.”

“We have real problems with banners,” Cook said. “It looks like the circus came to town. We need some kind of common approach to signs.”

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