Town recommends Midland demolition |

Town recommends Midland demolition

The owners of the former Midland Garage are seeking to tear the building down to expand parking for the J.T. Basque Bar & Dining Room.
Kurt Hildebrand

Restoring the former Midland Garage to something that could be occupied would cost more than tearing down the building down and putting up a new one.

Gardnerville Town Board members were sympathetic with residents seeking to preserve the building, but sided with the property’s owners in recommending a plan to demolish the building for additional parking.

Owner J.B. Lekumberry said that when the family purchased the neighboring property in 1965, their original plan was to knock down the garage to increase parking for the restaurant.

Douglas County doesn’t allow a parking lot as a primary use of a parcel without a permit. The Lekumberrys could avoid having to undergo the permit process by combining their two parcels, but would like to keep the parcels separate.

“I don’t know what Gardnerville is going to be like in 50 years,” Lekumberry said on Tuesday.

Douglas County Chief Building Official Dave Lundergreen said that while the building hasn’t been condemned, it doesn’t meet any code requirements.

“Electrical, plumbing and mechanical are borderline dangerous,” Lundergreen said.

Town Board member Ken Miller said that before the façade was painted for Yager’s Garage in 2007, the building was an eyesore and that without an occupant it could be an eyesore again.

Gardnerville resident Carol Sandemeier suggested the façade be saved and used as an entryway into the parking lot.

Board member Mike Henningsen said he felt the proposal failed to show much vision, but voted with the rest of the town board to approve the permit. The permit is scheduled to go before Douglas County planning commissioners for final approval on Tuesday.