Town plans infrastructure work |

Town plans infrastructure work

Gardnerville Station is lit up in green and red on Thursday evening.
Kurt Hildebrand

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What: Gardnerville Town Board

Where: 1407 Main St.

When: 4:30 p.m. Tuesday


Gardnerville hopes 2020 will be the year the town is able to get things done.

Work should begin on construction of a storm water detention reservoir underneath Gardnerville Station that will reduce flooding in the S-Curve.

Town Manager Erik Nilssen said the Nevada Department of Transportation has confirmed they will hook up to the reservoir, but that won’t happen until 2021-2, when the state resurfaces Main Street.

Installing the reservoir will require digging up the parking lot of the renovated station, which is why it hasn’t been paved yet.

It will also require $222,340, $22,000 more than the grant for the project.

Nilssen said the reservoir has to be completed in this fiscal year because the grant will expire.

As part of the project, the town needs to build an outlet pipe through private property and will be seeking an easement.

Nilssen is proposing dedicating $40,000 to the design and property acquisition to complete the outlet piping to Martin Slough.

On Tuesday, town board members will discuss a $14,465 contract with a company to handle property appraisal and negotiations. Any agreement would come back to the town for approval.

Improving the entrance to Kingslane is another project Nilssen hopes to complete in 2020.

He told Gardnerville Town Board members that the cost for fixing the drainage and sidewalks at the entrance to the Gardnerville mobile home park will cost $520,000, with $290,000 coming from the state. He said that the remainder is expected to come from $396,000 in augmented funds.

“There are overages, but we will have enough money to do the project,” he said. “Next fiscal year, prior to NDOT connecting to those basins we will need to connect the outlet piping to Martin Slough.”

After years of waiting, the town anticipates the installation of new flashing beacons on Main Street at Mill and High School streets.