Touch of Class craft show starts Thursday |

Touch of Class craft show starts Thursday

by Anita Kornoff

Are you tired of going to craft fairs that have become so commercialized you know you could find the same items in a gift store? Or perhaps you are just “over” looking at the same old crafts or buy-and-sell imported items? Then plan to attend the 2019 Touch of Class Craft Show, Oct. 24-26 at the Carson Valley Inn.

This event was started 19 years ago by Sue Bennett.

“Our goal is to recapture the definition of crafting in its truest sense,” she said. “Where quality, uniqueness, and the original meaning of ‘handcrafted’ is the priority.”

Bennett began in her home by turning it into a holiday boutique. She accomplished this by completely moving all of the furniture out and bringing in tables and displays. With tons of help from everyone, her home was transformed into a place where customers could shop leisurely and find one-of-kind handmade items made by local crafters.

The four-day event not only became a perfect shopping experience but a great outlet for local crafters to show their wear. However, as participation grew, it became a tremendous amount of work not to mention the wear and tear on her home. So, five years ago her craft show moved to the Carson Valley Inn where it was welcomed with open arms by both the venue and its customers where it has returned ever since. Each year it welcomes both repeat and new customers and crafters becoming bigger and better. Dedicated artisans of this incredible show spend hundreds of hours coming up with new and exciting items for the next show. Many of them have been a part of the project for the entire 19 years of its operation. A few who have moved away from the area return just to participate in the show.

The show is unique in several ways. The approximately 30 participating crafters are not required to set up individual booths as at typical craft shows thus making it more of a boutique-like shopping experience. There are centralized cashiers so customers can pay in one place when they are finished all their shopping. The focus is on providing a variety of products, avoiding duplicates as much as possible and giving shoppers a much wider variety of items from which to choose. Such things as floral arrangements, jewelry, holiday items, wood, pottery, reclaimed products, mosaics, linens, purses, woven scarfs, food items and more, truly unique and all handmade of course.

Over the past 18 years, A Touch of Class shows have supported the following organizations: The Douglas County Food Pantry; Kids Fishing Derby; Ruehnstroth Fire Department; Austin’s House; the City of Hope; Douglas County Explorers; Kids and Horses; Awaken; Boys & Girls Club; et al. Admission is free and there are hourly door prizes drawn at which you need not be present to win. Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

Mark Oct. 24-26 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on your calendar and be at the Carson Valley Inn Ballroom, 1627 U.S. Highway 395 North, Minden, for a one-of-a-kind show.

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