Topaz park cash handling prompts concerns |

Topaz park cash handling prompts concerns

The Topaz Lake Campground is a popular spot over the summer after the spring flood recedes.
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Concerns about cash handling at Topaz Lake Park prompted grand jurors to recommend instituting new policies.

The Topaz Lake Park came under scrutiny in 2001 because receipts for cash transactions weren’t being issued.

Clerk-Treasurer Barbara Griffin developed and implemented a policy in response to concerns at the time.

Two incidents at the park concerned grand jurors.

According to their report, one Fourth of July weekend, documentation showed that cash collected was hundreds of dollars more than the amount deposited.

A statement to grand jurors from a park ranger indicated the discrepancy was caused by double entries in the ledger.

“We are dismayed that when the mistake was allegedly corrected, it was not noted on the original material, making a verification of the correction not possible,” jurors said. “The error should never have happened and should have been discovered and corrected within days of occurring.”

More concerning was the apparent disappearance of an entire day’s cash and check receipts from a Labor Day weekend.

“The Grand Jury believes that cash receipts from a Monday of a Labor Day weekend would be considerable, being well over $1,000 based on what was collected on other holidays during four different summer seasons,” grand jurors wrote. “No satisfactory explanation of how an entire day’s receipts could go missing without anyone noticing was ever provided to the Grand Jury.”

Grand jurors issued eight recommendations for the park, including making sure the cash handling policy is found and updated, the institution of cash reconciliation, keeping the cash locked up, and having a deputy transport cash to the treasurer’s office.