Topaz outlet claims dog’s life |

Topaz outlet claims dog’s life

Staff Reports

Signs warning visitors to stay clear of the Topaz Lake dam outlet will be installed after a dog was caught in the suction and drowned..

Douglas County was notified on Monday that the dog died in the drain that sends water from the reservoir downstream to the Walker River.

The Walker River Irrigation District is reducing the water level in the lake in anticipation of the spring melt-off.

“We are deeply saddened by this tragic accident and the loss of the dog,” said Melissa Blosser, Public Information Office for Douglas County. “We immediately reached out to the owner of the animal to find out what happened and express condolences.”

Blosser said the Walker River Irrigation District, managing authority of this lake, is putting out additional signage to warn people to stay clear of the area.

“We have never had an incident related to the drain in the past,” Blosser said. “Dogs are not allowed on the property without a leash for their safety and the safety of others. We will continue to monitor the drain and work with Walker River Irrigation District.”