Toler speed limit increased to 45 |

Toler speed limit increased to 45

New speed limit signs went up along Toler Lane increasing the speed limit to 45 mph.

The new speed limit was approved by county commissioners after a speed study indicated that most people drive the road at 47-48 mph.

Commissioners debated increasing the speed limit on the route that turns into Fish Springs Road, and is the main access to that neighborhood.

Residents came down on both sides of the issue, with Planning Commissioner Frank Godecke pointing out that there were a number of driveways between Orchard Road and East Valley.

Fish Springs resident Joel Brodkey said he has never seen an accident on that stretch of road, and that the normal flow of traffic should determine the speed limit.

Senior engineer Jeff Foltz said the study indicated that the 45 mph speed limit is appropriate for the road.

County commissioner Doug Johnson requested the speed study after some residents complained about the 35 mph speed limit.

Foltz said the measurement is a national standard used by nearly every governmental entity in the country. He said that the county has done some brush removal to improve visibility.

Commissioner Barry Penzel asked Foltz about the difference in speed limits between Foothill Road south of Genoa and Jacks Valley Road from Genoa to Highway 395. The speed limit on Foothill south of town is 55 mph, while the speed limit on Jacks Valley north of Genoa Lakes is 45 mph.

Foltz said that the county’s engineering staff would be looking at the difference in the future.