Today is Census Day 2000 |

Today is Census Day 2000

by Linda Hiller

Have you been counted yet? Today is officially Census 2000 Day, and according to the census department’s crew leader for Douglas County, Dick Sigerist, most Valley residents should have received their forms by now.

“We have only had a few problems so far,” he said. “Part of Alpine View Estates got missed for some reason, and we also missed a few RV parks, but we want everyone to know that we’ll get to them. We won’t miss anyone.”

Sigerist said residents who have not yet received either long or short census forms will be contacted soon. Approximately 62 percent of residents received the short form and the rest received the 55-question long form, he said.

Although April 1 is officially designated as Census 2000 Day, forms can still be mailed in and will be counted, Sigerist said.

Although a resident may have an address that is different than the county they reside in, people should rest assured that the correct residence will be credited.

“For example, much of north Douglas County has a Carson City address, but the computers know they live in Douglas County and will record them as such,” he said. “We had a similar situation with residents who don’t live in Wellington, but who have a Wellington address, and the computer will take care of that, too. The money goes to the state and is distributed to where it is needed. They can tell the difference.”

– Still hiring. Phase Two of the census will begin April 27, when census workers will go door-to-door, visiting residents who haven’t turned in or mailed in their forms. They will also be offering assistance to those who need it.

More than 100 people were hired to work on the census at the Lake and in the Valley, Sigerist said, and new workers will be needed for Phase Two.

Those interested should call the main census office at (888) 325-7733 to apply for testing. Training for that phase will take place April 24.

If you have any questions, call Robin Schnorbus at 267-4576.

“We want to count everybody,” she said.