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Tiregate grand jury convenes

A grand jury has convened to investigate the theft of more than $1 million in tires from Douglas County.

The grand jury is in its second week of work, according to Court Administrator Bobbi Williams.

Under Nevada law, grand jury deliberations are secret unless an indictment is unsealed or their final report is issued.

Douglas County budgeted $100,000 for the grand jury to do its work in following up on the Tiregate probe into the significant embezzlement of county funds.

In March county commissioners sent letters to the FBI, the U.S. Attorney and the Nevada Attorney General in an effort to get one of those agencies to take the case. So far, they’ve only received an acknowledgement from the attorney general’s office, County Manager Patrick Cates said.

The Douglas County District Attorney’s Office isn’t allowed to participate in the criminal investigation because it took on the internal investigation into the use of more than $1 million in county funds to buy tires that were sold by motor pool director Chris Oakden.

The Nevada Division of Investigation issued a 99-page report on the case which the Nevada Attorney General’s Office declined to prosecute.

This is the shortest amount of time between grand juries in Douglas County history. While not receiving a complaint, the 2017-18 grand jury tackled the issue from a public interest standpoint while state detectives were conducting their investigation.