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Time to claim college kick start account

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The Nevada State Treasurer is urging parents of the 2016 kindergarten class to claim their child’s Kick Start account now to be eligible for a $200 incentive. Previous kindergarten classes, beginning in 2013, could also become eligible for financial incentives or other benefits the program may provide in the future, so all Kick Start participants are encouraged to claim their accounts through a new online process.

Since 2013, Nevada College Kick Start Accounts have been established with an initial deposit of $50 for all kindergarten students attending public schools in Nevada. Class of 2016 kindergarten families who link a Kick Start to a qualified Nevada 529 College Savings Account may be eligible to receive an additional $200 contribution to their Kick Start account. Incentives are being offered on a first-come, first-served basis until funding is exhausted or June 30, 2017, whichever occurs first.

“We continue to enhance the College Kick Start program and plan to offer incentives and other benefits to all participants in the near future,” said Nevada State Treasurer Dan Schwartz. “To be eligible for these enhancements, families must claim their child’s Kick Start account. Claiming accounts also sends children a strong message that they are college-bound.”

To claim the account, visit the new portal at: vistashare.com/p/nv/kickstart. Registering on the portal also allows families to link an existing Nevada 529 college savings plan to the Kick Start account.

To activate a Kick Start Account, families will need their child’s Kick Start ID number, which can be found on the welcome letter or a Kick Start Summary they would have received in the mail. If you have any questions or need help locating your child’s Kick Start ID number, go to collegekickstart.nv.gov.