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Time for us to run letters

This will be the last time you hear from us at The Record-Courier until Nov. 3.

In an effort to clear more space for letters and opinions for our readers we are giving up this spot for their material.

This has been an interesting election season, and as you can see from our election coverage, a challenging one.

By far the hottest election so far has dealt with the weight ordinance at the Minden-Tahoe Airport.

The folks who are backing the ordinance revision are doing what they are supposed to do to sell it. We’ll see how well they do against the opposition on Election Day.

That’s true of any of the contested races. Every countywide legislative seat, whether county commission or school board, has a race.

Early voting starts on Saturday and will continue until the final days of the election.

Our deepest thanks to all the participants, whether they be candidates or supporters. Without your participation, the electoral process would wither on the vine.

And we hope all the folks who find themselves on opposite sides this election season remember that it’s only politics, and that we have to get along the rest of the year no matter what happens at the ballot box.

Good luck to everyone.