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Tigers in Paris: Douglas prom Saturday

by Scott Neuffer

The Royal Wedding’s got nothing on Douglas.

Instead of crossing the pond to Europe, Europe’s coming to Carson Valley for the Douglas High School prom, which is Saturday night at Genoa Lakes Resort.

This year, the theme is “Une Nuit à Paris,” or “A Night in Paris.”

“We have been blessed to have so many people come together to help us, including the DHS welding class that has made a 10-foot-tall steel Eiffel Tower, and The Entertainer, a local event planning business, which has graciously donated decorations and lights for the event,” said Douglas teacher and student activities director Karen Lamb.

“It seems classy and romantic,” Lamb said of the theme. “Plus, we thought of great ideas to enhance the theme, like the hand-made Eiffel Tower.”

Junior class officers worked for months organizing the event, Lamb said.

“Amanda Wartgow, Chelsea Fent, Kami Miller, and Emma Bohannon have spent countless hours working on every last detail to make sure the event goes beautifully,” she said. “It is quite the project but very exciting to plan such a memorable night for so many students.”

But prom is bigger than the school or students. Many local businesses, from salons to tux shops, work behind-the-scenes to create, shape and guide the glamor that ultimately debuts one night a year.

“As you know the economy is kind of tight, so we did offer special packages for the kids,” said Felicia Gantar, owner of Felicia Events in downtown Gardnerville.

Gantar has been renting tuxes in the Valley for more than 15 years. She recently moved upstairs in the Beverly Realty building, located at 1463 Highway 395, Gardnerville. Passersby can still see her famous mannequin along the highway.

“The weather’s been kind of crazy, but George has been out on the streets,” she said. “On Facebook, there were a lot of comments about George. He’s our mascot for tuxedos.”

Gantar said her long-time tux supplier, Jim’s Formal Wear, has a new satiny style this year that comes with three kinds of vests: Paisley, diamond-print or solid.

“They can do the bow-tie or the long tie,” Gantar said. “A few kids this year did the classic look with the bow-tie. I thought that was nice. And we had quite a few white tuxes go out. I was thinking I should rent out lobster bibs for them.”

Gantar said prom-bound boys have been especially good this year about bringing swatches to match up their dates’ dresses with their vests.

“I like to see the kids from last year who come back,” she said. “They’ve grown another 2 inches. This year, they’re seniors, and they’re ready to blast off to college. It’s nice to hear their stories.”

During prom week, things are just as busy at A Gourmet Sewing Co. in Minden, which rents tuxes and alters dresses.

“The guys are mixing and matching really bright colors,” said owner Gloria Gero. “I’ve found a new way to fold a pocket-square that’s really hip. Just a tiny little sliver above the pocket, the way George Clooney wears it at the Academy Awards.”

Gero has been running a Facebook contest. Viewers who liked her site were entered to win a free tuxedo.

“The boys are looking really handsome this year. A couple of them chose sand-colored tuxes,” she said. “I also did a couple of custom dresses. I did one custom tuxedo that’s going to rock party.”

Gero said the event’s Parisian theme came into play occasional during wardrobe selection.

“I had two girls who were into the theme, but really girls wear what they’re dying to wear,” she said. “I put in a lot of hours. When it’s over, I really look forward to a day of peace. But it’s exciting. The high-schoolers’ energy is a positive.”


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