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Tiger band on move for Nevada Day

by Scott Neuffer

Despite a drop in temperatures in Carson Valley, the Douglas High School band remains piping hot going into the Nevada Day Parade and Field Show competition in Carson City on Saturday.

In the last month alone, The Pride of Carson Valley has racked up an astounding 28 first-place wins at three different competitions.

“It’s great, marvelous, the kids are wonderful,” DHS Music Director Bill Zabelsky said Tuesday. “For 50 percent of the band, it’s their first time marching this year. It’s really a lucky group. I’ve been pleasantly surprised. They’re doing an outstanding job.”

Success hasn’t come without some changes, though, most noticeably in a new, sporty breed of uniforms.

“We’ve had a couple of comments from band directors who like them and some comments from judges,” Zabelsky said. “The kids enjoy them, too, and I think they’ve been a hit.”

The team has also made some adjustments mid-season, like switching places of percussionists for the field shows.

“Years past, I was not able to do that,” Zabelsky said. “The kids are so adept that it’s not a problem. It’s a great group of kids to work with.”

It was 2008 when the Tigers last took the coveted Governor’s Cup at the Nevada Day competition. This weekend, Zabelsky hopes to relive the triumph.

“I feel good about this year’s chances, but we’ll see what happens. One never knows how the judges will be,” he said. “I’m always optimistic, and I’d like to believe that we’ll take the sweepstakes in parade and field.”

Whatever the results this weekend, band members still have other competitions to prepare for. The University of Nevada, Reno, Sierra Band Crusade is Nov. 6, and the annual Tournament of Champions in Fairfield, Calif., is Nov. 20.

Band awards

McQueen Extravaganza, Reno, Oct. 2 , AAA Division, 11 bands total, eight from Nevada                                                         

1st Place, NV Band – Music – Division

1st Place, NV Band – Music – Overall

2nd Place, Music – Division

2nd Place, Music – Overall

1st Place, Woodwinds – Division

2nd Place, Woodwinds – Overall  

1st Place, NV Band – General Effects – Division

1st Place, NV Band – General Effects – Overall

4th Place, Band – Division 

Galena Performance of Champions, Reno, Oct. 9, 11 bands total, medium division

1st Place – Division

1st Place – Music

1st Place – Visual

1st Place – Flags

1st Place – ensemble visual

1st Place – effect visual

1st Place – music ensemble

1st Place – music effect

2nd Place – flags overall

2nd Place – ensemble visual overall

2nd Place – effect visual overall

2nd Place – visual overall

2nd Place – music effect overall

3rd Place – music overall

3rd Place – percussion

Damonte Ranch Invitational, Reno, Oct. 23, 12 bands total, medium division

1st Place – Division

1st Place – Music

1st Place – Visual

1st Place – Flags

1st Place – repertoire / visual effects

1st Place – performers / visual

1st Place – performers / visual  (overall)

1st Place – repertoire / musical effect

1st Place – performers / musical effect

2nd Place – ensemble / visual composition

1st Place – ensemble / visual achievement

1st Place – total effect visual

1st Place – total ensemble visual

1st Place – ensemble music / musicians

2nd Place – ensemble music / musicians (overall) 

1st Place – ensemble music / technique

3rd Place – ensemble music / technique (overall)

3rd Place – Music (overall)

2nd Place – Color guard / content

1st Place – Color guard / achievement