Thunderbirds return for Aviation Roundup |

Thunderbirds return for Aviation Roundup


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While there is a lot of preparation still to do before the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds arrive, a website with information about the Minden Aviation Roundup Oct. 3-4 has gone live.

The site,, has been revamped and will be the landing page for those wishing to purchase tickets for the roundup.

Minden-Tahoe Airport Manager Chris Johnson said people should be able to purchase tickets starting next month.

“We’ve selected a ticket company and hired a marketing agent who will be doing all of our marketing,” he said last week. “We’re working with the Carson Valley Visitors Authority and the airport on social media.”

Once ticket sales begin, people will not only be able to purchase their tickets, but will be able to share that with friends, who might also be interested, Johnson said.

With a budget of around $250,000, Johnson said the bi-annual air show is designed to promote the airport and aviation in general, not raise money.

He said this will be the third time the Thunderbirds participate in the roundup since 2015, which now generally occurs on even years.

Johnson said the Oct. 3-4 show provides visitors with a close-up view of demonstrations, including the Thunderbirds and several other acts booked for the event.

Estimates are that a crowd around 30,000 people turn out for the roundup.

“Theoretically, there is a capacity to how many people we can fit out there, but it’s probably 10 times more than we’ve had,” he said in February.

This year he said the airport is expanding the crowd line to provide more frontage from which people can watch the show.

“We’re not worried about running out of people or running out of space,” he said. “By Federal Aviation Administration regulation, we’re allowed to have the centerline no closer than 1,500 feet from the crowd. We’re right on that line. In Reno, it’s probably around 3,500 feet.”